About Us

Welcome to Just Houseboats, the site for everything you have ever wanted to know about houseboats and then some!

My name is Matt Robbs and I am the founder of Justhouseboats.com. I am a houseboat enthusiast with my ultimate goal being to help you have fun with your family while on the water.

My wife and I on the water!

My wife and I (pictured above) love to spend time outdoors with our children, family, and friends. We have been from the east coast to the west and many places in between and always love seeing the sites and being outdoors.

We really love being near or on the water and decided that a houseboat was right up that alley! There is nothing better than spending a long weekend on the water with family and friends!

I chose houseboats because they can often be purchased for a good price and can fit large parties of families and friends. (nobody wants to be left out)

From the current houseboat laws to the best meals to eat on a boat, we are sure to have articles that you will love!

Want to know how much it will cost to buy a houseboat? You will find it here!

Want to know the houseboat laws in your state? Yep, we have that too.

Want to find tons of fun things to do when you are on your houseboat? You came to the right place.

We are all about everything houseboat, all the time! Welcome to your new favorite site!