Bass Tracker Classic XL vs Pro 170 – Which Boat Stands Supreme?

Listen up, folks! Let’s shake a leg and jump right into the world of boats. I’m not just spinning a yarn here; we’re in for a real caper with Bass Tracker boats.

The two starlets of our tale? None other than the Bass Tracker Classic XL and the Pro 170. So batten down the hatches, it’s going to be a wild ride.

The tale of the Bass Tracker brand is as old as the hills, seeped in rich maritime lore and a deep love for the open waters. Its track record of quality boats is something even Davy Jones would tip his hat to.

Now, I don’t want to rock the boat, but choosing the right model for your fishing needs is as important as a lighthouse to a ship in a storm.

Take a peek at the Bass Tracker Classic XL. This bad boy is like the Swiss Army knife of boats.

Compact yet mighty, this vessel can turn even the biggest landlubber into a sea dog. From the smooth design to its rugged durability, this one’s a classic for a reason.

Then there’s the Pro 170, or as I like to call it, the Rolls-Royce of the boating world. She’s like a ballerina on water, graceful yet powerful. From bow to stern, this vessel is top-notch.

Deciding between these two can feel like finding a needle in a haystack — or in this case, a buoy in the ocean. So let’s weigh anchor and delve into the specifics, shall we?

Bass Tracker Classic XL: Setting a Course for Adventure

Now, let’s not beat around the bush, the Bass Tracker Classic XL is no flash in the pan. This baby is packed with features and specifications that would make even Poseidon blush.

Just one look at the Classic XL and you’ll know you’re in for a treat. She’s as streamlined as a dolphin, built to slice through the waves like a hot knife through butter.

The whole design is as tight as a drum — and I’m not just talking through my hat here.

What’s inside the Classic XL is just as impressive. Let’s take the console for starters. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of features, with a tachometer, speedometer, voltmeter, fuel gauge, and trim gauge.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — all those terms would bamboozle even an old sea dog. But don’t worry! Once you’re at the helm, it’s as easy as pie.

Now, let’s dive into the capacity of this beauty. She holds more water than a bucket, if you catch my drift. The Classic XL sports a livewell with a 500 GPH (1,892.71 LPH) aerator pump to keep your fish alive and healthy while you are out on the water.

It’s not just about fish, though. The Classic XL is like a treasure chest of storage space. Whether you want to stash your fishing gear, picnic hamper, or your kids’ inflatable pirate swords, this boat has got you covered.

When it comes to comfort, the Classic XL is like a floating living room. The seats are so cushy, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. I kid you not, Mia once dozed off in the middle of a fishing trip.

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Can you imagine? Sleeping like a baby in the middle of the lake.

Now, onto the engine power. This water steed boasts a 60 ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust that’s as reliable as a sunrise.

  • Features that are the apple of my eye in the Classic XL:
  • The versatile console with easy-to-read gauges.
  • The roomy livewell that keeps your catch fresh.
  • The oodles of storage space for all your fishing (or pirating) needs.
  • The comfortable seating that would make a recliner jealous.
  • The robust 60 ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust engine that never lets you down.

Now, don’t you think the Classic XL is something to write home about? But don’t count your chickens just yet! The Pro 170 is waiting in the wings, and boy, does it have a tale to tell.

Bass Tracker Pro 170: Charting Uncharted Waters

Hold onto your fishing rods because the Bass Tracker Pro 170 is a horse of a different color. If the Classic XL is the Swiss Army knife, the Pro 170 is like the crown jewels — luxury and elegance personified.

From the get-go, the Pro 170 announces its presence with authority. It’s got a look that’s slicker than a harpooned hippo.

But beauty isn’t just skin-deep, especially when it comes to this lovely lass.

The console on the Pro 170 is a veritable cockpit. Speedometer, tachometer, voltmeter, fuel gauge, trim gauge — you name it, it’s there.

Remember my space pirate, Jonathan? When he first set his eyes on this, he declared it wasn’t just a spaceship, but a futuristic alien spaceship. How’s that for an upgrade?

The Pro 170 doesn’t just bring a knife to the gunfight; it brings a bazooka. With a livewell system sporting a 15-gallon (56.78 L) aerated bow livewell, this boat is ready for a fishing trip to remember.

Plus, it’s got a timer to keep your catch in tip-top condition. That’s fresher than a pillow with a mint on it.

The storage on the Pro 170 is like Mary Poppins’ bag — seemingly endless. The rod storage can hold rods up to 7′ (2.13 m) long, which for the uninitiated, is like having a closet that can hold broomsticks.

  • Features that make the Pro 170 a catch:
  • The all-inclusive console that gives you full control.
  • The massive 15-gallon (56.78 L) aerated bow livewell for a bounty of fish.
  • The generous storage space that can house all your gear.
  • The uncompromising comfort that puts many a couch to shame.
  • The dependable and powerful 40 ELPT FourStroke engine that’s a reliable companion on the waters.

Now that we’ve run our rule over the Pro 170, it’s time to pit these two nautical titans against each other. Buckle up, it’s going to be quite the ride!

Size Matters: A Tale of Two Boats

Let’s face the music, size is important. Especially when it comes to choosing the right boat. You don’t want to be all at sea with too much or too little space. So, how do our two contenders size up?

The Bass Tracker Classic XL measures 16′ 8” in length. That’s as long as a well-fed sea serpent!

It gives you ample room without feeling like you’re steering a cruise ship. It’s just the right size for a family fishing trip. I’ve had my three musketeers, Mia, Jonathan, and Clara, running around without a care on it. Clara, the little one, even declared it was bigger than our backyard.

On the other hand, the Pro 170 stands at 16′ 2” in length. She’s a wee bit shorter than the Classic XL, but she’s no less impressive.

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Don’t believe me? Well, let’s just say the kids had a full-fledged pirate battle on it, complete with inflatable swords and imaginary parrots. So, it’s safe to say, the Pro 170 is no small potatoes.

Now, let’s talk width. The Classic XL boasts a 77″ beam, making it as stable as a table. In comparison, the Pro 170 flaunts a 77″ beam as well. It’s as steady as a rock, even when Clara decides to reenact her favorite sea monster scene.

Size Comparison: Classic XL vs Pro 170

Bass Tracker Classic XLBass Tracker Pro 170
Length16′ 8”16′ 2”

In the battle of dimensions, it’s pretty much neck and neck. But remember, folks, size isn’t everything. It’s how you use it that counts. Let’s explore further.

Unleashing the Kraken: Engine Power Showdown

A boat without a good engine is like a fish out of water. Thankfully, both our vessels have engines that roar like a lion.

The Classic XL’s 60 ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust engine is an absolute workhorse. I’ve driven it in the calmest of waters and the stormiest of seas, and it’s never given up on me. It’s like the energizer bunny — it keeps going and going.

As for the Pro 170, its 40 ELPT FourStroke engine is no slouch either. It’s got enough juice to power your fishing trips and then some.

I fondly remember the time Jonathan, my middle kiddo, got his first taste of driving with this engine. He was so amazed at the power, he kept exclaiming he was faster than The Flash.

Engine Comparison: Classic XL vs Pro 170

Bass Tracker Classic XLBass Tracker Pro 170
Engine60 ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust40 ELPT FourStroke

Though the Classic XL might seem to have a leg up in the power department, don’t write off the Pro 170 just yet. She’s got the heart of a champion and won’t back down from any challenge.

Gone Fishing: Let’s Talk Fishability

A boat’s fishability is like the icing on a cake, a critical feature that can make or break your fishing experience. So how do the Classic XL and the Pro 170 fare in this respect?

The Classic XL’s livewell is a fisherman’s dream. It comes with a 9-gallon 500 GPH (1,892.71 LPH) aerator pump. That’s like having a private ocean for your catch.

Add to this, the boat’s numerous rod holders, and you’ve got a proper fishing arsenal at your disposal. I recall the time Mia, my eldest, managed to catch her first fish on this boat. She was so excited; she insisted on taking a family picture with her, the fish, and the boat!

Conversely, the Pro 170 doesn’t just roll with the punches; it delivers a knockout blow. Its 15-gallon (56.78 L) aerated bow livewell comes with a timer to keep your catch fresh. This vessel is like a fish magnet — designed to help you reel in the big ones.

And let’s not forget the multiple rod storage areas that can store more fishing rods than a sporting goods store.

  • Fishability Comparison: Classic XL vs Pro 170
Bass Tracker Classic XLBass Tracker Pro 170
Livewell9-gallon with a 500 GPH (1,892.71 LPH) aerator pump15-gallon (56.78 L) aerated bow livewell with a timer
Rod HoldersMultiple, positioned for optimal anglingMultiple, for rods up to 7′ (2.13 m)

It’s a close fight, folks! Both boats are chock-full of fish-friendly features. Whether you’re an amateur angler or a seasoned fisherman, both vessels have got you covered.

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Anchors Aweigh: Navigating the Seas of Comfort

Comfort on a boat is like a cherry on top. It’s essential, whether you’re on a quick fishing jaunt or a day-long voyage.

Let’s see how our two boats stack up.

The Classic XL’s seats are as soft as marshmallows. They provide unparalleled comfort, even on the bumpiest of rides. Remember the story of my little princess, Mia, snoozing off in the middle of a fishing trip?

That’s the level of comfort we’re talking about here!

The Pro 170, however, is no wallflower. Its seating arrangement is designed to provide the utmost comfort for all passengers. The marine-grade upholstery feels as soft as a baby’s bottom. Trust me, once you sit on these seats, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

Comfort Comparison: Classic XL vs Pro 170

Bass Tracker Classic XLBass Tracker Pro 170
SeatsSuper comfortable, all-weather upholsteryPremium, marine-grade upholstery

While the Classic XL might seem like the comfier option, let me tell you, the Pro 170 doesn’t cut corners when it comes to comfort. It’s like choosing between a back massage and a foot rub — both feel absolutely divine.

The Final Showdown: Bass Tracker Classic XL vs Pro 170

Well, it’s been quite a voyage, hasn’t it? We’ve seen two amazing boats, each with its unique set of features and merits.

Choosing between the Classic XL and the Pro 170 is like choosing between two delicious cakes. You’d be delighted with either.

So, let’s take one last look at our contenders and what sets them apart.

  • The Classic XL shines in terms of engine power. That 60 ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust engine is like the heart of a lion. It’s perfect for those who crave speed and stability on the water. Its spacious design is another feather in its cap. There’s enough room for a small army of fishermen or an active family with kids reenacting epic sea battles.
  • The Pro 170, on the other hand, stands out for its luxurious design and cutting-edge features. Its futuristic console is a marvel of modern engineering that would make any tech enthusiast swoon. Moreover, its 15-gallon (56.78 L) aerated bow livewell with a timer is a godsend for the serious fisherman. It’s not just a boat; it’s a fishing haven on water.
  • Final Comparison: Classic XL vs Pro 170
Bass Tracker Classic XLBass Tracker Pro 170
Length16′ 8”16′ 2”
Engine60 ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust40 ELPT FourStroke
Livewell9-gallon with a 500 GPH aerator pump15-gallon (56.78 L) aerated bow livewell with a timer
SeatsSuper comfortable, all-weather upholsteryPremium, marine-grade upholstery

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your specific needs and preferences.

Are you looking for a boat that’s like a loyal workhorse, ready to face any challenge with you? The Classic XL might be your match.

Or are you seeking a vessel that screams luxury and sophistication, one that’s like a floating palace? In that case, the Pro 170 is the belle of the ball.

Setting Sail: The Conclusion

Choosing between the Bass Tracker Classic XL and the Pro 170 is no easy task. They’re both fantastic boats, each with its unique set of features and charms. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

But remember, folks, a boat is not just a vessel. It’s a ticket to countless adventures on the water, a tool for creating precious memories with family and friends. It’s your personal haven, your home away from home.

The Classic XL and the Pro 170 are more than capable of playing these roles. They’re both reliable, feature-packed, and comfortable. Whether you choose the Classic XL with its raw power and spaciousness or the Pro 170 with its luxurious design and high-tech features, you’re in for a treat.

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