How Far Can A Houseboat Travel? (In a day and overall)

Since the beginning of time (ok maybe not quite that long) people have looked for many different ways to get away from their mundane work life and enjoy the brighter things in life. Vacations and picnics are planned carefully around the idea that they have to be exciting yet relaxing. This quest has led to a wide variety of places and activities that have become favorite vacation destinations or the most sought after weekend getaways! 

There are of course many places for you to go on a vacation or getaway but one that has been increasing in popularity in recent years is a houseboat. 

Imagine staying on water, literally. Now imagine having all the necessary facilities available while you are on the water too!  Many houseboats have so many amenities that it does not even feel like you are actually on the water. 

That’s how wonderful houseboats can be! 

One huge thing about houseboats that many people want to know before booking one is how far it can travel. Afterall if you can’t go anywhere or barely anywhere, what is the point of using one for your next vacation? 

Most houseboats can travel between 50-100 miles per day without too much difficulty. You can use a houseboat to travel as far as you like as long as you don’t run out of calm water! 

Normal houseboats can’t be used on rough water like the ocean as they will easily get flooded by large waves so as long as you are on lakes, rivers, etc. then you can travel as far as you want on a houseboat. 

Houseboats are exactly what they sound like- a house on a boat. They can honestly be looked upon as floating houses and they could be like small huts or huge houses depending on the one that you rent or buy. 

The cost to rent/buy a houseboat will vary depending on its size as well as its age and condition just like traditional homes as well. 

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Houseboats have been a source of rest and relaxation for quite a while and many people choose houseboats not just for transport but also for fun filled trips. Houseboats definitely sound like the perfect setting, be it for a family get together, a party with friends or just some quiet time with your special someone. 

There can be many confusing questions that might enter your mind while thinking about going on a houseboat for a trip. It is important to clear all your doubts before you get yourself into a load of trouble and what should have been an amazing and exciting adventure turns into a nightmare! 

Houseboats are mainly used for recreational purposes. If you rent one, you can do so and have a driver to drive the houseboat or if you can and know how to, you can drive the boat yourself.

Besides knowing how far you can travel on a houseboat there are some other important things to consider. 

Are houseboats safe? 

One might wonder how safe could houseboats be? Do they pose any dangers?

Safety of houseboats almost totally depends on how well the maintenance has been done on it and how careful you are while using it. If a houseboat is well maintained and you are careful to follow all the safety precautions when using it then houseboats are most certainly safe. 

You can travel with your family, friends and even with children on board (although they should wear life jackets). Houseboats are also perfect for solo travelers or even couples depending on how large it is. Just make sure that all safety measures and precautions have been taken and that there are enough life jackets of appropriate sizes and other required safety equipment on board. 

How far can you travel using a houseboat?

In the first place, if you are asking this question while thinking about traveling by houseboat in an ocean, well then the answer to that question might disappoint you. 

Houseboats are not designed to travel through oceans. They are mostly constructed for use in rivers, lakes etc. and not a huge body of water. The main reason for that is because they are often built on flat bottomed pontoons which will easily get flooded of the waves are very big at all. 

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As we have cleared that part of the question, let us see how much of a distance can you cover while traveling in or driving a houseboat?

Now the answer to this question depends on the speed of the houseboat. The average speed of a houseboat is approximately 8-10MPH. A lot of people choose to travel in houseboats for about 4 to 5 hours during a recreational trip so at those speeds you could travel 40-50 miles a day. 

If you have a houseboat that goes faster or you travel for 8 hours a day you could obviously travel a lot farther. 

There might be some rules and regulations for the country or state that you are in that could end up restricting how far you can travel as well so be sure and check the local laws in your area. 

For example, there might be a law or rule against travelling during the night time (this is pretty common)This means you can only travel during the day time and therefore the distance you can cover will be restricted to the travel done during the day time hours.

For many people they aren’t looking to travel around the clock with their houseboat but if you are be sure and check out the laws and what lighting is required so that you can run at night. 

Different factors that affect how far a houseboat can travel

There are a bunch of different factors that affect how far you can go in your houseboat per day and in general. Each of these factors will vary from houseboat to houseboat so be sure and look at your houseboat’s specs and don’t just assume. 

  1. Speed
  2. Houseboat size
  3. Engine capacity
  4. Engine power
  5. Water body being travelled on
  6. Currents and water flow of the river, lake or canal
  7. Type of houseboat
  8. Weather conditions
  9. Rules and regulations of the location

The distance that you could travel in a houseboat could depend on many different factors such as size, speed, type, the water body it is traveling on etc. Even though the average speed of a houseboat is 8-10 miles per hour, there could be houseboats that travel at a faster speed or considerably slower. It could also vary depending on the size of the houseboat, which could range from small ones, to deluxe houseboats, to premium and luxury houseboats.

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The maintenance of the houseboat too could play a major role in determining how far it can travel. A houseboat that isn’t kept up well is going to have issues if you suddenly start going as fast as possible for long periods of time! 

The water body that you are travelling over could be a river, lake, backwater or canals. The water flow, current in the water body etc. could also be factors that could determine the distance you can cover. 

One other important factor is the engine capacity of the houseboat you are traveling in. Houseboats have varying engine capacities and this is one crucial element that determines how far a houseboat can travel on a water body. 

Most of the houseboats available may be fitted with twin engines and consists of larger vessels. Even though the average speed is 8-10 miles per hour, the speed of any houseboat will rarely be over 15-17mph even on the fastest ones. 

Final thoughts

In short, houseboats are one of the most preferred ways to have an enjoyable trip with your loved ones. With different types of houseboats available at different price ranges, they offer a wide variety of facilities such as food according to your preference, varied travel routes, overnight stay, etc. The facilities might differ depending on the type and cost of the houseboat.

With so many people having houseboats as their chosen way of having a good time, companies providing house boating services are on a rise. They are coming with interesting and great package deals for trips on board. 

So the next time you are planning a vacation, choose house boating for a change. It is perfect as it is adventurous and relaxing at the same time. So go have a great time on water. 

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