Where To Buy A New Houseboat?

Where To Buy A New Houseboat?

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Do you live in a place where the real estate prices have absolutely gotten nuts? Are apartments the most expensive in the country or world? Have you exhausted all your channels to purchase a home? 

Maybe you ought to think about living on the water and purchasing a new houseboat. 

Buying a houseboat definitely sounds like a non-traditional fun idea but over the years there has been an increase in houseboat owners not just for temporary stays but also people choosing to live on them permanently! 

This increase has led to the purchase of new houseboats by previous houseboat owners who want to upgrade and new houseboat owners who have now seen the light and realize that they can enjoy the water life at a fraction of the cost of a house on land. 

Once you have decided that you want to purchase a houseboat the next question is how. How do you find a new houseboat to buy? Where do you go as obviously there are no new houseboat dealerships anywhere around? 

When you are buying a new houseboat you will normally have to contact a houseboat manufacturer and find out what their exact process is. Often you will have to travel to where they make the houseboat at so you can see the different models and decide which one you want. 

What that means is almost all of your houseboat buying process will be done either online or through talking with people at the local marina about the houseboat models they have. Many houseboats builders will put videos up online of the models that they are currently offering so you can see exactly what you will get. 

It is also important to know that moving a houseboat is quite expensive so if your favorite houseboat builder is a long way away from your final destination that will increase your total costs. 

Purchasing a new houseboat is similar to purchasing another new item as opposed to a second hand one. It has its clear advantages but buying a new houseboat is nowhere near as easy as buying a new car since most of the time houseboats are built on demand and not left sitting on a lot or dock somewhere waiting to be sold. 

If you are wondering where some of the other places are where you can buy a new houseboat then you are at the right place. There are multiple places you can buy a houseboat such as a houseboat manufacturer, a broker or houseboat dealer, houseboat shows, the internet, and even resellers. 

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In the rest of this article we will dive a little bit deeper into the different places where you can find new houseboats as well as some of the pros and cons of purchasing there. 

Major places to buy a houseboat

There are a few major places in which you can buy a houseboat. Each place has a different way of doing business with different advantages and disadvantages. This doesn’t mean that any other way is wrong but these are the most popular ways when buying new. 

Which one will work best for you is dependent on what kind of houseboat you want and which major selling platform has a convenient price and location (a big factor) for you.

Houseboat manufacturers 

Going through a houseboat manufacturer is a popular way to buy a new houseboat. Each manufacturer is known for various things such as the build of the boat, the model of the boat, the types of boats they manufacture; whether it is standard, custom, or luxury and the technology of the boat. 

The kind of boat you may desire is all up to your preferences and what you can afford. Spending time to find out what each manufacturer is known for can help in your choice of where you want to look when buying your new houseboat.


Here are some popular houseboat manufacturers:

  • Stardust Cruisers
  • Sumerset Houseboats
  • Sunstar Houseboats, Inc.
  • Thoroughbred
  • Horizon
  • Nautilus Hausboote
  • Gibson
  • Northman Yacht
  • La Mare
  • Catamaran Cruisers

Take the time to go through each of these on the list above and see where they are located and if there are in the same country or region as you are. Ideally the closer the manufacturer is to you the better. 

A broker or houseboat dealer

A houseboat broker or dealer is a secure place to buy a houseboat and is also a good place to start your search. This is a middle man who bridges the gap between the consumer and the manufacturers. 

The broker or dealer often has a variety of houseboats that they can show you pictures or videos of. This variety is often better than just going to a specific manufacturer as this allows you to see how other houseboats from different manufacturers matchup against each other without the manufacturer being just loyal to their product. 

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The broker or dealer will allow you to view each boat with a more objective eye but you will pay considerably more as there will be a markup over going to a manufacturer. 


This medium of purchasing a houseboat has its advantages because

  • Often times a manufacturer of a boat you are interested in is not in your region but you can still access the desired boat through a middleman which would be a broker or houseboat dealer. 
  • Looking at multiple houseboats at once can help you notice technology or features that you likely wouldn’t notice if you only looked at houseboats from one manufacturer at a time.

A houseboat show

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? If you are looking for good prices to get a houseboat this is the place to do it. There are always different houseboat shows that are hosted in most regions of the world and even regions of the country. 

This is where a lot of houseboat manufacturers and brokers come together, under one roof to show off their latest designs and technologies and models of houseboats. These houseboat shows tend to have a lot of sales on various houseboats to try and attract customers over the other brokers and manufacturers that are there. 

Not only are they often good prices but this is a great place to learn more about houseboats and how they keep modernizing and making each houseboat more efficient. So be sure to look out for houseboat shows near you.


  • This is a good place to get a good deal on a houseboat you have been eyeing. Prices are good in comparison to other places you can get a houseboat.
  • Since you will have most manufacturers and brokers in one place you can easily compare prices, quality, and even features of similarly priced houseboats to help you choose the right one easier.


This is similar to a broker or dealer but may not be on the same scale. A reseller can be one person who is seeking to resell his or her brand new houseboat for various reasons. It could also be someone who is reselling boats from brokers to make a profit. 

This is a tertiary sale as oftentimes it would have been a boat from a secondary boat seller (dealer or broker). Persons find this option to be risky at times because these places often come with either no warranty or limited or it can even be an unscrupulous sale. 

Finding the right reseller, however, still has its advantages.


  • This method of purchasing a houseboat can be advantageous because people find that buying from a reseller can be a much more personal experience and better than dealing with large companies and oftentimes you can find a cheap deal.
  • If you find the right reseller you can often keep coming back to them for years and years for new models, parts, etc. and their knowledge and personal service can be second to none.
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The internet

Times have evolved and no longer do you have to do face to face purchases anymore. While using the internet you can look at houseboats from manufacturers, brokers or dealers, and resellers just with the touch of a button. 

You’ll be able to compare prices from a better standpoint and without any pressure from salesmen. 

After finding the right houseboat after doing plenty of careful research the transaction can be done online in most cases as well. Delivery or pick up can be arranged to suit your needs as well. 

Most people prefer this method rather than going in-store to talk to a sales agent who will tell you all that they want you to hear and leave out the downsides. You can be more objective as you can judge based on each description and display presented.


  • This process is very convenient. It can be done without any hassle and the variety is even wider because you have an endless amount of options to choose from. Options you might not have had if you were going door to door to different places in hopes of purchasing your new houseboat.
  • You can often find great deals on end of year models or through other methods by simply looking online. 
  • There will be no pressure to choose one model or brand over another so your decision will likely be better than if you are put on the spot. 


A new house boat is definitely worth considering, whether you are just upgrading your houseboat or have never bought one before. Where to buy a new houseboat can be a real problem and some people might find it stressful,  however a few places you can buy a new houseboat are a houseboat manufacturer, a broker or houseboat dealer, houseboat shows, a reseller, or the internet. 

No particular place to buy a houseboat is necessarily better than any other but one will likely be better for you as each relies on your preferences and the type of boat you are looking to buy.

 It is important to try and not get too overwhelmed just yet. 

The first step is just to figure out the houseboat you would like and then find the method that would be the best fit for you. So, go and get that new houseboat you have always wanted! 

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