Why Are Yellowfin Boats So Expensive?

If you have spent time looking at boats at all you have likely come across those made by Yellowfin. Of course the first thing that many people notice about these boats is the price tag! 

Youch, they are for sure quite pricey! 

But why are Yellowfin boats so expensive anyway? 

The main reason that Yellowfin boats are so expensive is the quality that they offer when compared to other brands. Every part of the boat from the handrails to the consoles are made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. 

Just as with anything you will always have to pay more to buy quality but you won’t have to buy it as often or spend as much time and money repairing it. 

When you are out on the water the last thing you want to do is waste a bunch of time and money repairing or replacing parts on your boat so quality is really a great way to save yourself a lot of hassle and Yellowfin has that covered. 

Yellowfin boats are built in Bradenton, Florida and are made in a conglomeration of 16 buildings which comprises 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space. They are made of the best quality material ranging from handrails to consoles and are offered in 11 different models.

The Yellowfin boats come with a central control which helps provide more stability to the boat as well as elbow room along the perimeters for anglers. In addition to this, they also have a stepped-hull construction which increases its speed capacity by introducing more air under the boat. The top speed provided by the 36 and 42 ranges around 60mph. 

The best part about the Yellowfin boats is that they can be semi custom-made giving the buyer an opportunity to choose the engine as well as seating configurations such as T-top, console, swim platform styles, colors for rub rails, coffin box, upholstery, hulls, and even pipe work. Along with this, every Yellowfin boat begins with a solid vinyl ester resin. 

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There are some models which incorporate resin infusion that reduces weight providing a shallower draft to increase fuel economy as well. Yellowfin can build boats that will go fast and have all the amenities required by any sports fisherman around. 

Yellowfin boats are designed for the bay, inland as well as for offshore fishing. To add fun, there are also tournaments organized for all the Yellowfin boat owners.

What are the different Yellowfin boats available?

There are actually 17 different Yellowfin construction techniques which cannot be found anywhere else in the other boats on the market. The technical poling skiff has been constructed with the same principles as that of offshore products. A vinyl ester resin infusion covered with Kevlar is used so as to ensure that the best quality is delivered.

The boats are ergonomically laid out to fit in all of your fishing tackle, bait, and fishermen on board, this boat can be the best one to catch any fish no matter where you are headed or the weather conditions. In windy conditions, the stability you get is definitely unmatched while poling. You would be able to hold yourself extremely well in deep water as well as enjoy the best possible experience.

Yellowfin 21

In addition to this, the Yellowfin 21 has set amazingly new standards for the high-performance inshore market. There are features such as incredible fuel economy, acceleration as well as eye watering top end speeds which would definitely give a boost to your fishing battle in all conditions. 

This boat can get you across big windy waves as no other boat can. The performance and ride of this boat together with traditional flat boat layout would give your competitor a hard time keeping up. You would never be able to find such a boat of an amazing quality and storage capacity as this one.

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29 Offshore

The 29 offshore is a sure hit on the fact that the best things can come in small packages. It has a 225 gallon fuel capacity, a range of 450 miles at 40 mph, twin outboard power motors along with efficiency and performance which is not even close to the other boat builders. It has the design, construction, fit and finish of the typical Yellowfin boats and excels with its entire line of features. 

In addition to all this, it includes a perfect live tackle fishing platform as well as plenty of storage areas along with spacious live wells and unhindered 360-degree walk-around space.

32 Offshore

The 32 offshore offered by Yellowfin is a midsized Yellowfin which gives you extreme flexibility in fishing features as well as the best possible quality. This boat happens to be the live-bait fisherman’s dream and comes with a 55 gallon transom along with an additional 55 gallon floor well to ensure maximum bait-keeping capacity. 

There is yet another possibility for you to power the boat with twins or triplet motors and easily cruises 40MPH or more. On this boat, there is ample of space for you as well as your fishing buddies with a 10-foot beam.

54 Offshore

The 54 offshore has made the Yellowfin business reach a whole new level in terms of the kind of boat one can expect from a company which builds center console boats. 

This model provides a stepped-hull performance and takes the Yellowfin business to a whole new level. There is a spacious console area beneath the console of the boat which has been equipped with a fully equipped kitchenette, a full queen berth as well as a wraparound seating and a head. There is 150 gallons of live well capacity which can be configured as split into two 75-gallon wells or one massive well. In addition to this, there is also a transverse fish box in the cockpit which has over 800 quarts of capacity. This model with the inbuilt comfort as well as the quality standards brings a new edge to the already exemplary yellowfin boats.

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Other models

There are many other models which are available with the Yellowfin boats and can also be customized a little as per the whims and fancies of the buyers. These models include 42 offshore, 39 offshore, 24 BAE, 24 BAE CE, 26 HYBRID, 34 offshore, 36 offshore, 39 offshore and lastly 42 offshore. 

All these models are of the utmost quality with the user’s comfort kept in mind. There are plenty of reasons as to why the Yellowfin boats are so expensive but besides quality one of the main reasons is because of the excellent features they have and the level and amount of customization they bring to you with the variety of models and variations.


Once you have looked at a Yellowfin boat you can be assured of the quality as well as the excellent features it brings to you. Along with that, you would be able to give a tough competition to your competitors in any Yellowfin owner competitions that you decide to participate in. 

Once you decide on a Yellowfin boat you can rest easy knowing that the boat you purchased is one of the best on the market and also one you deserve and can have the best experience with.  

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