How To Remodel A Houseboat To Get The Best Results

Are you a houseboat owner? Do you enjoy spending some time away from your responsibilities on the houseboat? Are you someone who would love to take some time off from your mundane life? Are you someone who loves houseboats? 

Well, if the answer to any of these is yes then you would love to read till the end of this article.

Owning a houseboat is a big deal but if you are bored of your houseboat or are tired of always having to fix things that are breaking then you don’t need to worry because a simple renovation can add a lot of extra enjoyment to the time that you spend on board your houseboat. 

How you remodel a houseboat depends on what you plan on remodeling and changing. Often you won’t be able to make giant changes like moving walls but you can easily change decorations, colors or even the materials that are used. 

Small changes to your houseboat can go a long ways in making you much more happy with it and having it function a lot better. 

Remodeling is a great way to spice things up and you will surely love the new look of your houseboat but besides the look when you remodel you will often add a ton of extra convenience to your houseboat as well. 

Remodel Ideas for your houseboat 

Remodeling can be a little expensive but it is well worth the money when you get to see the finished look of your “brand new” houseboat. It is recommended to get it done professionally for the best results but you can also do it yourself depending on what exactly you are remodeling and what experience you have. 

There are many things that can be changed and remodeled but all of that depends on the model of your houseboat and how much you are willing to spend. 

For example people who live in a traditional house might spend 40-50 THOUSAND DOLLARS remodeling their kitchen while other people can get it done for much less. Being you are remodeling a houseboat you probably don’t want to put $50,000 into the tiny kitchen as you will certainly never get the money back out of it! 

Following are a few different ideas which can enhance the look, functionality, and will give you a fresh feel whenever you enter your houseboat.

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Smart Storage Options

If you are someone who struggles with storage space because of the size of the houseboat (or lack of size) then you don’t need to worry as these days there are many great storage options available. These storage ideas will not only help solve the problem of limited space but will also help in adding a great look to the place. 

One of the most common things in this type of remodel is making some storage under the stairs. By utilizing the space under the stairs, you can have an open place for a dining table on your boat.

You can even use it for decorating purposes. The stools used for seating purposes can be utilized for storing tiny items as well. If you are a wine lover then you can keep a few of your finest ones in the center of the table. It will also act as a surprise for all the guests that you have over. 

These techniques can come quite handy and are highly recommended to help solve any kind of storage issues that you have been having. You can contact an expert to help you out with these or you can implement a bunch of ideas of your own too. 

There are all sorts of small spaces on a houseboat that can be repurposed and remodeled to allow you to get the most out of the space that you have. 

Add Basic Decorative Pieces

Apart from the storage options available, if you can’t spend a lot on remodeling the houseboat yet, you can simply go for simple options to decorate your houseboat slightly differently. 

A mini garden along a wall can act as a great option to go for as it won’t only give you a homely feel but will also keep the surrounding areas fresh as well. These are quite easy to manage too as you can also put in an automatic water system which will water the plants on its own hence saving you from unnecessary efforts.

Planting flowers of varying colors contrasting the color of the walls can be a great idea. You can also plant some kitchen ingredients which will certainly come in handy in day to day life. If you’re not much of a plant lover then don’t worry as a bookshelf can also give a vintage look and spruce up the place quite nicely as well. 

Elegant lights and lamps can do the trick too if you want to enjoy the night with some calmness but make sure not to buy ones that aren’t very stable as a moving boat and unstable light fixtures won’t work well together.

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Outdoor Space

Who doesn’t love spending time standing at the edge of the deck and looking at the water? It is a quite calming experience but what if we say you can get it all the time? One of the simplest tricks to achieve this is by adding fiberglass windows to the houseboat. There’s no need to worry about privacy issues as thick curtains can be used to cover the windows and you will often be far away from people as well so you likely won’t need curtains at all. 

You’ll get plenty of light all the time and also a great view whenever you walk into the hall. If this doesn’t seem like a good idea, then you can instead go for a bar area. 

Imagine having a window that opens into the outdoor space. This will help in getting the perfect hang out corner to the houseboat which your guests will love. You can also add a sliding table in the room which extends to create a tiny dining spot in the outdoor space. With this, you can enjoy the water, sun and the cold breeze along with some food.

Identify your needs

While renovating, it is important to think about exactly what you need in the houseboat or what your goals are for the remodel. You should make a list of the things that you think are missing in the houseboat and then prioritize them based on cost or how important they are to you.

For example, when my wife and I moved into our current house the first thing that we did was completely tear out the upstairs carpet and then replace it with tile in the bathrooms and new carpet in the bedrooms. This was the number one priority to us as the carpet was badly stained and the bathrooms had linoleum that was rolling up. 

We then waited multiple years before tackling the main floor and remodeling it. 

The same should be done with your houseboat assuming you don’t have an unlimited budget (who does?). Start with the most pressing areas that need to be fixed or changed and then move to the other spots at a later date as you get the time or money. 

If you aren’t sure of what you should remodel or even what you want the remodel to look like then Pinterest or tons of other websites are full of ideas. 

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This will help you out in identifying what is missing or what you want the finished product to look like and what can be done to enhance the beauty of the current space onboard. It is not that difficult of a procedure but you can ask for the help of your loved ones in getting some better ideas. 

Families will almost always have great ideas on how to spend your money! 

The kind of look you are expecting or trying to achieve with your houseboat is important too as that would be the basic idea of the remodel.

Things to be Added

Apart from everything mentioned above there are a few things that can be added to make it look perfect. This includes adding aesthetic colored items to the houseboat and you can even replace the older decorative pieces with something more elegant or modern. 

These tiny things can have a great impact on the final look of your houseboat and often small changes can make it feel like new again as people get bored with the same decorative pieces quite easily. 

To make things more exciting, you can add other small things or changes like ropes for the railing of stairs, attractive handles and even lights. Lights can do great magic if used properly and out in the right places. 


Of course there are many other things that you can do when remodeling your houseboat but it is something that most people will end up doing on their own and they likely won’t have a ton of extra money to do it with which limits the options. 

Adding a few great touches to your already amazing houseboat can make it feel like new even if you don’t change a bunch of expensive things. This new look will undoubtedly take some money but is definitely going to welcome you with a warm feeling and will be much cheaper than remodeling a normal house!  

Small changes to your houseboat will help in making your vacation period much more calming and not having to constantly worry about fixing things everytime you are on board will be a welcome change! 

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