What To Wear On A Houseboat

Vacations are the ultimate form of relaxation, when you get to comfortably unwind, detox and then reconnect with yourself or those you love. Although houseboats aren’t a very common concept in many places, it is fast catching up as a preferred form of relaxation when on vacation, thanks to the amazing resources available everywhere. 

Having said that, since houseboats aren’t a very familiar concept, it is obvious that many people don’t know about the proper clothing when opting for this type of vacation, which is why we have you covered – through this article.

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t pack or wear when on a houseboat. There are certain things that you should always avoid wearing and also things that you could wear but they won’t be very practical. 

What you should wear when on a houseboat will vary depending on the temperature where you will be using the boat at. In general you should wear things that will dry quickly and that you don’t mind if they get dirty. 

If you are going in the summertime then wearing swim trunks and a sleeveless shirt the entire time might work great for you! If you are going to be on a houseboat in the spring or fall then jeans and a t-shirt might work best.  

You really shouldn’t pack your fanciest clothes as most houseboats will be dirty from the water or weather (at least on deck) so wearing a suit probably isn’t a good idea. 

We will dive a little deeper into exactly what you should or shouldn’t bring and wear next. 

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What would be considered ideal clothing on a houseboat?

As mentioned above it is important to take into consideration when you are going to be on the houseboat but also where you will be at. Each region of the country and even the world will have a variety of weather conditions and often the weather will vary based on the time of the year. 

Other than weather conditions, there is also the factor of the location you are going to and how your clothing is going to be perceived there.

Some places in the world are incredibly conservative when it comes to your attire so if you are vacationing in a foreign country such as India  it is probably best to wear clothes that are comfortable but also decent – long skirts with a light and loose top, shorts or pants with t-shirts. 

Similarly, if you are visiting a cold climate such as northern Michigan in December then warm clothing is a must. There are many places in the world where the weather is moderately cold throughout the year, so unless you carry some warm clothes, your stay can become a less of a vacation and more of a freezer. 

Places such as Florida during the spring or fall have a modest climate, which is why you can dress casually – shorts or loose breathable clothes will work fine. In case you plan on soaking in the sun, getting a tan, then you could break out the swim wear and just wear that your entire trip!

If you’re not looking to get a tan, then it’s best to stay covered up, especially when the sun is exactly overhead to avoid any unnecessary sunburns.

It is usually suggested that you have certain essentials with you when opting to stay on a houseboat. As you’ll be spending all of your time on the water, irrespective of how the weather might be on a given time, you might feel a little cold or slightly chilly at some points(unless you decided to go to a place which is known to be freezing cold throughout the year, if not for the better part of it) which is why it is an absolute necessity to carry a light jacket or a pair of warm clothes to help when the weather gets a little chilly. 

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Swimsuits are always in style when you are on the water during the summertime.  Keep in mind that you won’t need too many clothes when vacationing on a houseboat, because you’ll hardly change as you’ll most likely be spending time inside the boat, on the deck, or in the water. 

Also, besides your clothes, you’ll also have to make sure to pack certain other essentials, such as – sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, life vests (which is usually provided for, by the houseboat company), hats and other similar things. 

How to be sure of what to wear on the houseboat?

When on the houseboat, you’re free to experiment, but be sure that whatever you are wearing is weather appropriate as well as location appropriate. The main factor to keep in mind is your overall comfort and satisfaction, because since you’ll be in a constant state of buoyancy, it is necessary that what you wear doesn’t get you nauseous or uncomfortable. 

You should wear only that which helps you to not stand out but also allows you to be free and happy. Afterall, you’re on vacation, which is why you can afford to be carefree and can also afford to let loose.

Just make sure that you feel relaxed and are wearing clothes which are breathable – even if they are more or less formal. 

What are houseboats?

A houseboat is a form of boat which has been designed and built with the idea of a ‘house on water’. It can be moored as a form of dwelling and can also be both motorized to allow you to use it anywhere you please. 

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When and where can you find a houseboat and when is it ideal to travel on a houseboat?

Depending on the region you wish to travel to, that can give you a good idea of the ‘best time to travel’. However, having said that, certain common places to travel to, when hoping to rent a houseboat for a trip are places that are along a lake or river. 

There are a variety of locations in the United States as well as places in many other countries where you can rent a houseboat for a few days or weeks. Most often they are found on larger lakes or rivers and will not normally be found near the ocean since houseboats don’t do well with large waves. 

The first thing to decide is the country where you will be going. Once you have that decided on then you can search for the best places to rent a houseboat in that country. That should point you in the right direction and help you decide what to wear once you decide on where you are going. 


We hope this article on what would be considered the ideal clothing on a houseboat helps you to make a well thought out decision regarding what to wear and what not to wear on your next houseboat trip. 

If you will be vacationing somewhere warm then you can really where anything that you desire and the more informal the better! 

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