Can You Ski Behind A Houseboat?

A houseboat is an amazing combination of a house built on a boat with a cabin. Houseboats will often include space for you to work, play, eat, and sleep as well as plenty of room for comfortable living. Another amazing thing about houseboats is the recreation that you can enjoy while you are on board one. 

Many people find that relaxing and simply fishing or exploring the water is fun enough while other people prefer the more risky water sports such as water skiing. Water skiing can be a ton of fun but is it actually something that you can do behind a houseboat?

In most cases houseboats are simply not fast enough to make water skiing behind them fun. If you have a houseboat that is on the faster end or you are content with slow water skiing then it is certainly possible to ski behind a houseboat. 

A houseboat is large enough to host a good sized party or simply to bring your whole family on vacation. Nowadays a houseboat is becoming an immensely popular choice as a lifestyle or for the purpose of enjoying your vacation and escaping into the beauty of nature where you go into the wild and get away from city life. With a much more exciting lifestyle to offer, houseboats are becoming the go-to choice of people who want to turn their monotonous life into a much more enjoyable living experience.

It is believed that a houseboat is far more fun to live in rather than an actual house. The impeccable peace and beauty that life on a houseboat has to offer are unbeatable and something that almost all of us crave for, now more than ever. It is not only the amazing view that life on a houseboat has to offer but along with it, you can enjoy various water sports, fishing and other water-based activities that can make things more interesting and fun for you.

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Things to know about skiing behind a houseboat

There are a variety of factors that go into whether you can actually have fun skiing behind a houseboat or if you will simply barely move. Some of those factors are: 

Types of houseboats which are powerful enough to tow a skier

Before renting or buying a houseboat for yourself it is a good idea to always check out all the different types of categories available. These types can range from the most expensive deluxe rides to incredibly basic ones. Apart from the different categories, there are different styles of houseboats and each serves their purpose differently.

Let us have a look at different types of houseboats that can help you choose the right one as per your requirements.

  • Canal style: Mostly stationary or rowed in small streams, these are beautiful houseboats with a self decorative exterior. These are also called narrowboats as it passes through small narrow streams and canals. It is not possible to ski behind these types of houseboats as it is not powerful enough to tow along a skier.
  • Pontoon: These boats will normally have a sleek design and an upper deck that can serve as the perfect spot for enjoying the view. It also serves the purpose of multiple water sports and you can ski behind a pontoon houseboat only if the engine is powerful enough and the boat is not too large to slow it down.
  • Floating homes: As the name suggests, this type of houseboat is specifically used for living. They are not designed in any way to tow a skier and it is not possible to ski behind these houseboats as they are usually towed around and often don’t have motors of their own.
  • Yacht: These are the most luxurious types of houseboats. Powerful enough to pull a skier, it is used for multiple water sports and used for vacationing and enjoying grand get-togethers. They are quite expensive as compared to the regular houseboats, but can be used for multiple purposes as well.

Charges for Booking and additional services

Houseboats in different countries charge differently, some based on the additional facilities provided while others have a fixed amount that they charge irrespective of the used facilities. It is smart to know all about the booking charges and additional services that you require, before sealing a deal with a company. 

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Some companies might include water skiing lessons or at least the water skis with the rental while others expressly prohibit you from towing anything with your houseboat. Make sure to know what is offered and allowed before deciding on which houseboat to rent. 

Of course if you own the houseboat then you don’t need to worry about this.

Price and affordability

With varying facilities and luxury provided, the price of renting or buying a houseboat will vary quite a bit. If you only plan on water skiing every now and again then it likely isn’t worth the extra cost to rent or buy a more powerful houseboat that can do that. You would likely be better to simply rent a smaller boat for a few hours to enjoy water skiing behind. 

However, if water skiing is something that you love then buying a houseboat that can accommodate that wi=ould be a good investment. 

Safety when skiing behind a houseboat

Going for a houseboat ride while vacationing or considering houseboats as an alternative to living on land, it is important to make your safety the top priority. Knowing details about the houseboats, history of the company as well as information about the technical functions of houseboats can also help you in ways you do not realize.

  • Checking the history of the company is advisable so that you can decide for yourself if the name can be trusted or not. Check for the reviews and the staff facility at work. A clear contract, facilities for a comfortable stay and working dedicated staff is all that is needed to keep in mind while choosing a company.
  • In case you are planning on living in houseboats, it is extremely important you understand the function of the motor engines and other technical details, so that you can help yourself out in case of adversity.
  • Many houseboats outside of the USA are rowed around small streams and rivers, making it impossible for skiers to ski behind them. The new motor houseboats can be considered for skiing, but the engine should be powerful enough which is often lacking in most of the types of houseboats. You can easily ski behind yachts whereas a pontoon boat can also tow a skier but it is usually not advisable, because of the danger it has.
  • Check the interior of the houseboat as well, because it is a once in a lifetime experience to live in a houseboat and no one would want minor inconvenience to spoil the comfort for you. The view and facilities should also be chosen wisely so that you can enjoy to the fullest and make your experience a much more memorable one.
  • Tow ropes should always be clear of the water and never allowed to get near the waterline to make sure that it doesn’t get tangled in any propellers. This will help keep the person skiing safe. 
  • There should always be a spotter to help the houseboat driver make sure to avoid obstacles and to help keep the skier safe. A spotter is especially a must when the driver cannot see the skier clearly all the time.
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Houseboats are used for multiple water sports and are often seen as a wise investment, but ensuring safety is very important and hence you should look up all the necessary information before deciding upon a houseboat and whether you can or should water ski behind it. 

Adventure enthusiasts love skiing behind any boat, but it is important you seek professional help as most of the houseboats are not designed in a way to support skiers. Ask for all the details related to possible sports options and other facilities from the company you are renting from (if you are) and try to find a houseboat that suits your requirements.

In general the faster the houseboat is the more likely it is that you can use it to tow someone skiing behind it. 

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