Can You Wakeboard Behind A Houseboat?

Houseboats are great fun especially when you have your loved ones to enjoy the experience with. Houseboats offer a great experience to people of all ages as there are tons of different things you can do when you are onboard for fun. Whether you are renting one for vacation or looking to see what you can do with a houseboat before purchasing it then you are on the right website! 

Houseboats are a great way to escape your normal daily life, and whether you take your family, friends, or just spend a few days alone you are sure to enjoy the life that being on a houseboat for a few days brings. 

There are many things you can do on a houseboat which makes the overall experience better. One such thing is wakeboarding. It is quite a fun activity but does a houseboat go fast enough where you can wakeboard behind it?

You can use a houseboat for wakeboarding if the houseboat that you are renting or have purchased has a top speed of above 10-15mph. Some houseboats are designed where their max speed is 7-8mph and that would not be quite fast enough to create a large enough wake where wakeboarding would be fun. 

Houseboats can easily be used for tubing or other things that don’t require a wake but wakeboarding won’t work very well unless the houseboat you are using has higher top speeds. 

About Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a quite fun experience which you can do while boating using a variety of fast boats. Wakeboarding includes surfing on a board across the wake that a boat creates while being pulled around by said boat. 

There are a variety of safety precautions that you must take to make sure that you stay safe while wakeboarding. It is quite important that you make sure to utilize all of the proper safety equipment to ensure that you don’t get harmed in any way. Wakeboarding is usually done behind a boat which doesn’t have an exposed propeller to prevent the risk of the person or rope getting caught in the propeller. 

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Wakeboarding is quite fun regardless of whether you are a beginner or professional. Anyone interested in it can get into the water and get going but it is important to make sure that you understand the risks and more importantly that the driver of the boat is constantly paying attention to you and what is happening around you and the boat. 

You can also learn many tricks to do when you are wakeboarding but of course those tricks take time to learn but again it is important that you don’t neglect your safety. 

Backflips are one of the most common tricks done by wakeboarders. 

Can you wakeboard behind any boat?

A very simple answer is no, you can’t wakeboard behind any boat as the boat you are wakeboarding behind will need to go fast enough as well as be safe to use. As mentioned earlier you will not want to use a boat with exposed propellers as the tow rope could easily get stuck in the propellers and the situation could turn dangerous very quickly! 

All the boats used for wakeboarding must have the propeller well below the surface and if possible, even having the motor in the middle of the boat would be even better. 

When you are wakeboarding, you must ensure that you don’t get too close to the boat that is pulling you or other obstacles as it may turn dangerous quite fast. The wake created by the boat must be big enough to carry out the activity smoothly. If the boat is too slow then there will not be much of a wake and the wakeboarding will just turn into you being pulled around the lake. 

The length of the board matters a lot too as just a slight change in velocity can increase the speed of the board.

It is important to make sure to hold the rope tightly at all times. Losing the rope can be quite dangerous especially if the boat has an exposed propeller. For a better experience, you can also add wake shapers to the boat. This will help in creating a better wake for you.

Can you wakeboard behind a houseboat?

In almost every situation the answer to this question is, No. Any boat used for wakeboarding must have a speed of at least 10-15 miles per hour and to make larger waves you would likely want to be going faster than that. The fastest speed of most houseboats is only 6 to 7 miles per hour.

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At this speed, it won’t be possible for the rider to get a good wake. Some newer models of houseboats are designed to go faster than the 6-7mph so if you are using one of those faster houseboats it is possible but the lack of maneuverability will make it difficult as well. 

The faster the speed of the boat is, the better the experience of the wakeboarder will be. Moreover, on most houseboats propellers aren’t properly covered which may be the biggest disadvantage as it could become dangerous or if the rope gets slack you could get it tangled in the propellers. 

If you own or are renting a houseboat which is smaller in size and can go as fast as the required speed, then yes, you can try wakeboarding behind a houseboat but the maneuverability of the boat will still be a factor. 

Going fast with a houseboat is normally not a good idea anyway as the faster the speed is, the more likely you are to do some damage to the interior of the houseboat. Also, do make sure that you don’t try this without an expert’s guidance as it may turn out to be dangerous.

Moreover, a houseboat may not act as the best boat for a wakeboard ride. Most of the houseboats don’t have the required surface for the sport. The motorboats that work best for wakeboarding have a sliding surface and an open end so that the rider doesn’t face any problem. On the other hand houseboats don’t meet this criteria. 

Safety tips while Wakeboarding

Although the sport is quite fun, it can turn out to be quite dangerous if safety instructions are not followed properly. You must make sure that you understand all the requirements for the sport and all of the safety precautions before getting into it. Also, it is a good idea to consult an expert for the sport instead of just talking to a few people who have done it in the past. 

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There are many places where you can wakeboard without the need of much safety equipment but it is recommended to get into the water with as much safety equipment as possible even if it is not required by law. You must ensure that you have a wakeboarding vest and a helmet to ensure that you are safe from any unwanted injuries. You can get these easily at any nearby store or online at the links above. 

Another thing that can be done is to ensure that there is a spotter available at all times. This is a person who keeps an eye on all the objects along ahead or behind the driver that they might have missed. This person will also alert the driver if you fall down or need some help. A spotter or rearview mirrors on the boat is required in many areas to help keep the wakeboarder as safe as possible. 

Another tip that a beginner can use is to use a shorter rope. It is important as you can use the length to your advantage if you fall down. The recommended length is 30 to 50 feet. Don’t stand on the board at first, do make sure that you are out of the water before starting any tricks. If you start before it, the chances of falling may increase.


All in all, wakeboarding is great fun but it comes with many things that you must do to make sure that you stay safe. Wakeboarding behind a houseboat is not that good an idea and even if your houseboat does go fast enough it is far from the ideal vessel to use for wakeboarding. 

No matter which boat you use for wakeboarding it is vitally important that you have all of the safety equipment including a vest and helmet to make sure that the wakeboarder is as safe as possible at all times. 

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