A Full Guide To Living On A Houseboat

It is likely that we are all working towards one main goal, to live our dream lives. While some of us dream to earn money and live a simple life, some of us dream to live a unique and unusual life. 

The beauty of nature and the sound of chirping birds will make your life pretty and happy. A houseboat will not have annoying neighbors around and you will have a much more peaceful life than if you have to have nosy neighbors. 

However having and maintaining a houseboat is not that easy. A houseboat is always an attraction to those who love water and for those who love boats but unfortunately it isn’t all fun and games. 

Nothing truly is that way is it? 

Despite the downsides of houseboat living many people still feel like it is the life of their dreams to purchase and live on a houseboat. You definitely will have to face a few problems that might discourage you from buying a houseboat but in many ways the pros outweigh the cons. 

In this article we wanted to give you a complete guide to living on a houseboat without sugarcoating it. We wanted to give some pros and cons of houseboat living while also giving some of the options that are available for you to choose from. 

Some advantages of living on a houseboat

People tend to choose houseboats because of some major advantages that it has. A few of them are listed below briefly:

  1. You will not have to walk miles to go fishing. You can catch fresh fish and make food for your dinner without ever leaving your house. No money is required to spend on any of your protein needs… assuming that you like fish.
  2. The rain will make you sleep really well. The soothing sound of rain will soothe your senses and will make you have a great night’s sleep.
  3. The moment you return from work is the moment you will feel like your vacation has started. Everytime that you enter your home it will feel like your vacation or weekend has already started.
  4. The morning chai or coffee will give you inner peace
  5. The sunsets and sunrises are one of the biggest advantages of living in a houseboat
  6. If you have a motor attached to your boat, you can travel places and take your home along with you. How incredible is that!
  7. You do not have to do the tedious grass cutting and shoveling to keep your yard or sidewalks looking good. You can have beautiful hanging pots on your houseboat and live the life of your dreams without the tedious work required.
  8. Make an office in your houseboat and make your office travel with you wherever and whenever you want.
  9. No big electricity expenses. The houseboat is chilled during summers because of being near water. You will not have to switch on your ac and increase your electricity bill (in some areas).
  10. It looks royal and gives you a lavish life. Enjoy your life to the fullest by living on a houseboat.
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What kind of houseboat should you buy?

The first question that people tend to ask is, “Which type of houseboat should I buy?” There are a number of houseboats that exist that you can choose from and some of them are listed here briefly.

A narrow houseboat: the long and narrow houseboat is known for its sleek and royal look. They are generally made up of steel and they may have an engine for moving the boat.

A Dutch barge: a Dutch barge is very similar to a narrow boat. The only difference that it has is it has a wider beam that gives you some extra living space. They are felt to be ideal houseboats by some people.

River cruisers: this is a houseboat that is constructed typically using fiberglass material and you can start living in this houseboat as soon as you settle the paperwork.

Luxury Yacht: as the name suggests, this can be your luxury home. This has a great level of security and investing in a luxury yacht is good but as the name suggests it isn’t cheap. 

Necessary and legal requirements for buying a houseboat

There are a few necessary and legal requirements that you need to complete before you start living in a houseboat or even buy it.

The houseboat license/registration: Houseboats in the UK canals and British Waterways require a license. If you are using either one of the two, you need to arrange for a houseboat license. In the USA you will have to get a boat registration for your houseboat in the state/city you live in. 

Taxes: if you are running away from taxes by living on a houseboat, you have been chased by the taxes and caught. If your boat has a motor, you are liable to pay VAT in many areas of the world. The situations vary according to the type of boat and if it is motored or non-motorized as well as where you are located. 

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In the USA you will have to pay taxes when purchasing a houseboat but beyond that there won’t be any taxes due besides those on registering your houseboat yearly. 

Insurance: according to the government in most locations, if you own a houseboat you need to have insurance on that houseboat. Even if it isn’t required by law it is still a good idea to have it as it protects you and your houseboat. 

Types of ownership titles

There are people who do not have enough funds to buy a houseboat single handedly. Even if they have the funds, some of them want to live with their best friends or share the houseboat with siblings or relatives. The types of ownership titles give a great opportunity to fulfill this dream of living together too. 

Here are the kinds of ownership titles that you can opt for, described briefly:

Shared ownership: The shared ownership means the ownership as well as the time that is to be spent on the boat will be shared by a variety of individuals. The ownership can be shared by up to 12 different individuals in most areas: If you decide to opt for this ownership, you need to select a trustworthy company that will manage the time and ownership shared.

Timeshare ownership: The timeshare ownership means that you will buy a houseboat only for vacations for a particular period of time. You can even redeem your credits on a vacation. This type of houseboat ownership is relatively rare but it works just like a traditional timeshare would. 

The hire-boat ownership: The hire-boat ownership is one of the most used ownerships used by so many people all over the world. When you purchase the hire-boat ownership, you get to use the boat for a particular period of time that is decided.

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These were just some of the most important points that are needed to be considered before you buy a houseboat. Houseboats have a lot of advantages but plenty of disadvantages too but in a lot of ways it will give you a peaceful and happy life. 

Along with the advantages, there are a few disadvantages as well such as not having a mail-box, not having a vast social life, the bugs and mosquitoes troubling you at times, etc. Apart from all these disadvantages, the advantages take over. 

Do not miss this opportunity and grab it as soon as you get it. Have a wonderful and peaceful life on your houseboat.

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