Are Houseboats Damp? Plus 4 Additional Myths About Houseboats

People are always looking for new and interesting things to do or places to go on their vacations.A houseboat fills both of those needs at once! When you rent or buy a houseboat you can not only do new and interesting things but you can move the houseboat around to a variety of interesting places! 

Renting a houseboat during the vacation season has seen a huge jump during recent years. People are choosing a houseboat vacation in comparison to other popular tourist destinations because it combines the things to do and the place to sleep in one affordable package.  In addition to all of this, modern houseboats provide a wide range of facilities along with all the modern amenities so that the guests can have a great time and won’t have to miss out on any comforts of home.  There are even luxury houseboats that will have you feel like you are staying at a 5 star resort. 

With the increase in the number of houseboats and more people that are using them there are of course many questions about houseboats which is why this site was started in the first place. Today we will discuss one of those questions specifically and that is, are houseboats damp?

Houseboats being damp is a popular myth among many people but the truth is that in most cases houseboats are not damp. The rooms of a houseboat become damp when there is a huge temperature difference between the inside and outside of the houseboat. Although houseboats are on the water and surrounded by moisture the rooms inside a houseboat are normally not damp. 

Let us explain this a little further with the help of an example, imagine you are inside a houseboat. The temperature outside the houseboat is very cold but inside the houseboat, the temperature is warmer. In this scenario there is a chance that the room inside the houseboat will be damp. This type of situation  happens in normal rooms in houses as well but for some reason people think that it happens more often on houseboats.

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To avoid having these kinds of issues the designers of houseboats avoided using a thermal bridge in the construction of the houseboats to prevent the rooms from getting damp. 

Other myths about houseboats

As we know, as the popularity of a particular thing increases, the myths around that particular thing will increase as well.  Here, we will tell you about some of the most popular myths about a houseboat that many people believe are true. In addition to this, we will also tell you about the facts behind these popular myths as well. 

1. The water hoses and sewage pipes freeze

This myth is true to some extent but not completely. Whether pipes and hoses will freeze depends completely on how well a houseboat has been designed as well as maintained. If a houseboat hasn’t been designed properly or if the houseboat has not been maintained properly, then there’s always a chance that the water hoses and sewage pipes will freeze. 

In recent years houseboat designers have found ways to get rid of this problem. They use a very simple trick to avoid this issue and that is apply or use an electrical heating tape on the water hoses as well as sewage pipes to prevent them from freezing during the winters. In some cases the walls will be insulated and people will think that is enough but if the pipes and hoses are on an exterior wall then the insulation will not help to keep the pipes from freezing at all. 

If the hoses and pipes are inside of interior walls and the houseboat stays at a warm temperature then the pipes shouldn’t freeze at all but if the pipes are in the outside walls then heating tape works amazing to keep any freezing from happening. 

2. The insides of a houseboat is always dark

This myth is related to the interiors of the houseboat being seen as empty shells that are covered in dark wood or panelling. Often older boats were decorated very darkly and there were little to no windows so boats in general and houseboats specifically were seen as being dark and dingy.

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ALthough this is a popular assumption it is also a myth. How dark or bright an area is depends entirely on the houseboats manufacturer and how the owner decorates it. There are many houseboats that are incredibly bright and cheery (check out the video below) while there are others that are truly dark and dingy. Ultimately it depends on the age of the houseboat, how it is painted and decorated, how it is laid out, etc. 

The majority of the houseboats nowadays don’t have a very dark interior. Also, the houseboats nowadays all feel pretty warm and cozy from inside in addition to being lit well. So if you’re planning to be onboard a houseboats then you should know that most houseboats that you will buy will be plenty bright and even if you buy an older one that is darker there are tons of things that you can do to brighten it up.  

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3. You will have cold feet while onboard

Another very popular myth amongst people is that you will have cold feet if you are on board a houseboat during the wintertime So, how much truth does this myth hold? Well, this myth holds zero percent truth. 

The majority of the houseboats that you will rent or buy will have a very good amount of insulation in their flooring. This makes sure that the floors of these houseboats retain heat well even during the harshest of conditions and the coldest of the weather. The floors of the houseboats make sure that there is a warm and cozy atmosphere inside these houseboats which everyone is  surely going to love. If you choose one of the luxury houseboats then they will often have some additional facilities to make sure that your feet remain warm. These luxury houseboats will often have various kinds of floor heating systems while others just have you keep the inside warm and the insulation does the rest. 

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4. There’s a lack of facilities

This is one of the biggest myths which have been spread by people who haven’t had a chance to get on board a houseboat because if they had actually been on board one they would know that there are actually plenty of facilities to use! 

Generally, these types of people think that a houseboat has a roof and a few basic facilities and that is it. 

Well, let us tell you that this myth is nothing but a big lie. There are various kinds of facilities onboard a houseboat to make your life easier and simpler. This is especially true in houseboats that are newer or luxury houseboats (such as the one in the video above) There are often large bathrooms, cozy and comfortable bedrooms as well as luxurious living rooms on these types of houseboats. 

If you choose to stay on one of the luxurious houseboats then you’ll surely know what comfort and luxury truly mean. A luxury houseboat has facilities that will make you feel like a king or a queen. You’ll feel like living amongst absolute royalty.


So, these are some of the biggest myths about houseboats that many people believe to be true. Houseboats are rarely damp, cold, have frozen pipes, lack of facilities, or are dark but that doesn’t stop people from believing or repeating these myths. 

If you too have heard or believe in any of these myths, then it’s time to open your eyes and do some real research about houseboats. Some houseboats of the past may have had these issues but all of the houseboats that are being made today are far and away better than each of these myths would leave you to believe. 

The next time that you are thinking about going on a vacation it might be a good idea to give a houseboat vacation a second look. 

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